Why sports marketing is a great way to boost your sales in France?

While more and more companies seek to develop in France, one of the most effective means, but still underexploited by e-commerce players, is collaboration with athletes and clubs.

By working with them and leveraging their popularity as well as their influence with French audiences, brands can create compelling marketing campaigns that will capture consumers' attention and help them stand out from their competitors.

A growing appetite for sport

There is no doubt that the French love sport. From football to cycling, via tennis, rugby and a booming MMA, fans have a strong attachment to each of these major sports in France.
But why would athletes and clubs be the best marketing channels for French viewers?
They tend to have a large and loyal following of fans. These fans are always looking for new ways to support them, and they're usually willing to buy idol-endorsed merchandise.

Strong regional to national influence

There are many reasons why companies should consider partnering with athletes to grow in the French market.

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First, the clubs and their athletes are at least identified with a region and its culture, with thousands of people following them on social networks or during competition days.
Whether it's a star or a micro-influencer, the engagement rate of sports fans is increasing on social networks while this indicator is declining in other sectors according to the 2022 Rival IQ report . Athletes therefore have more and more influence on the French public and can help draw more attention to your brand.

Up-and-coming marketers

Another reason to work with clubs and athletes when you enter the French market is that they want to work with you over time. Many sports players have sponsor management cells that can suggest activations likely to lead you to the target audience.

©UFC's Manon Fioro for gaming accessory maker Konix

Therefore, a partnership with a club or an athlete can help increase your brand's visibility in the French market and introduce your products or services to more consumers.

Reach the right stakeholders

Finally, another key benefit of using sports marketing when expanding into France is that it allows you to tap into existing networks and partnerships between athletes, clubs and businesses at all levels of competition. Whether your company wants to work directly with well-known local to international sports players, you can rely on Sil to help you reach your target audience effectively while building your own credibility within that community.

All in all, whether you are looking for ways to boost your brand awareness or increase your sales to French consumers, working with up-and-coming clubs and athletes can be a very effective way to grow in the French market and to succeed. So if you're looking for opportunities to make your business shine, consider partnering with the right sports player through Sil today. Register for free HERE today!

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