Sports sponsorship trends in 2023

Sports sponsorship has become an essential way to collaborate with the best athletes and the biggest events. In 2023 companies have never been so ready to invest in this sector. However, the main trends in sports sponsorship are likely to change a bit, with the world turning to social media and its vocation to create interactions.

Investments combining social ads and sponsorship

In 2023, sports sponsorship will have a strong social media trend as companies become more engaged in ways that give them this opportunity to interact with consumers. Most brands have understood that social media is essential. Thus, for 2023, sports sponsorship should take a multi-platform turn and address more broadly a variety of audiences.

Social media, the future of sports sponsorship

Companies can collaborate with the sports world by creating joint advertising campaigns on YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok, and obtain greater visibility. They can thus create localized campaigns with more precise messages and better targeting, while associating themselves with the image of an engaging sports rights holder.


Additionally, brands now know they need to invest in more engaging content for their audience. Instead of just mentioning athletes and teams, brands now want to engage their audience by offering deeper and impactful content. In an age where people spend more time on the internet than reading newspapers, brands want to create engaging and lasting content that will keep their audience captivated. That's why at Silsport, we offer solutions to allow brands to choose the right partners while offering innovative activation ideas, and others that have proven their effectiveness on the market .

Technology to accentuate proximity

Furthermore, with the democratization of very powerful new technologies and the hype of Web3, sports sponsorship will move towards the most innovative platforms. For example, artificial intelligence and virtual reality offer new ways to promote products and services to consumers. Augmented reality can also help brands to improve the perception emitted as well as their notoriety.
So in 2023, sponsorship promises to be technology-oriented, with brands focused on innovative ways to interact with their audience.

eSport continues to grow

On the other hand, brands will look for opportunities in live events, especially in video games and eSports. This universe has become essential. eSports provides an excellent marketing platform where brands can integrate their logo, products and services into games while ensuring high visibility.

Finally, brands can rely on athlete influencers to promote their products and services and thus address an extended community. This trend is booming and is seen as the key to increasing brand reach and control.

To conclude, 2023 will be the year when sports sponsorship moves more towards new media like augmented reality, digital marketing, influencer marketing through athletes and video game placements. Sport and marketing will remain closely linked and brands will benefit from new technologies that will allow them to reach consumers by creating more interactive campaigns that are above all adapted to the context of the sports rights holder.

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